Welcome to Aureus Asset Management Ltd

Aureus Asset Management Ltd are leading providers of Insurance and Reinsurance services.

We specialise in the provision of all the possible Reinsurance products both for live business and that which might be needed post placement such as Credit Control, Reconciliation, Scheme Management, Disputes and Claims Handling services, Commutation preparations and negotiations, Acquisition through a panel of investors and various Run-off management services depending on any chosen Finality Strategy.

These are constantly changing, growing and specific to each company we deal with.

Having grown from a specialised collection company founded in 1999, Aureus provides a wide variety of services to a number of insurers, brokers and administrators worldwide.

Historically we concentrated on those clients who have reinsurance asset or liability exposure placed through the London broker system though we now have strong links to other markets.

Our worldwide network of contacts, decades of London market experience and varied skill sets have been able to deliver a strong catalogue of success for our clients.

Take a look at “What we do” to find out more.

It costs nothing to talk; if you believe you may have run off business which could benefit from any advice, please call us. All discussions are on a strictly confidential basis.

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